Gozillon A, Hidri Neys O (2021). The impact of (mega)sporting events? Comparative study of the institutionalisation of ‘women’s’ football. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, [Online].

Résumé : Although « women’s » football today is a practice in its own right, there are still profound differences at the level of the federations. While the feminisation rate is 6.6% in France (2018-2019), it remains proportionally lower than in Germany (15.5%), England (24.6%) or the United States (55%). How can these differences be explained? This article looks at the role played by (mega)sporting events in the process of institutionalisation of ‘women’s’ football. The use of comparative analysis reveals the differentiated impact of two categories of events. Local and life events, anchored in the close, allow the practice to move from a logic of confidentiality to a logic of emergence, or even targeted development. And « mega-events », such as international competitions, rather allow the practice to move from a logic of development, to a logic of consolidation, or even cultural rootedness. With one exception: the case of French women’s football.